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The Strobe Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge this winter?

The Strobe Challenge

Do you dream of climbing that top, hitting that jump, or maybe hiking that trail? Sometimes the only thing between you and your goal is to make your mind up – let’s do it together!

Set up a goal, small or big, that you believe would make you happier or push yourself out of your comfort zone. Submit your goal below and tag us in a picture from your challenge. By tagging us, you participate in the Strobe prize challenge, where you can win nice prices from Strobe. Don’t have an open profile? Don’t worry, you can still participate! Tag us and email a print screen to us!

Join the Strobe Challenge

  1. Set up a goal, small or big, that you want to achieve 
  2. Submit the challenge below 
  3. Tag us in a picture from your challenge and participate in Strobe prize challenge